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Tree of Life

I have always loved this tree. It sits at the intersection of Arkansas Highways 549 (north and south) and 72 (east and west) between Bella Vista, AR, and Gravette, AR. I love that it exemplifies resiliency, courage, and strength. This tree is weathered and torn, yet it stands tall, and proud, refusing to succumb to the damage. Branches are broken and laying on the ground, remnants of the storms. It is crooked and misshaped creating a unique beauty from its history. This tree is the epitome of resiliency, strength, and courage to continue. This tree is my inspiration when my storms come. A visual that life endures, hope is eternal, and though life has been wrought with vicious storms that tear at my very being, I am rooted at a crossroad that leads me in any direction I choose to go.

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