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Dancing With Horses

I was watching YouTube videos and came across a series of events that showed individuals with groups of trained horses performing routines to music – they were dancing with horses. I was absolutely beautiful to watch the different genres of performances and I sat in awe as I remembered trying to talk my horse into just letting me stay on his back, in the saddle, and not get scraped off under a tree branch. These trainers were directing groups of horses with no leads, no reins, no nothing, and the horses were performing. My first thought was disbelief but that quickly turned to awe and how this skill applied to my life and experiences. These trainers and their horses are the epitome of leadership!

There is much conversation about communication being integral to effective leadership. What these trainers have done is to demonstrate how important that skill is to forming and directing teams. The trainers had to work with individual horses to train them, then teach them to work together, then get them to do it to music, and then get them to be in synch even when there are distractions – like arena