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Can We Talk?

Can we talk about mental health and behaviors in schools? There is a need to open candid conversations about how our society can best support people with mental health or behavior disorders. Though many are not diagnosed until puberty age or later, early signs and symptoms show up as early as pre-school or early elementary school-aged years. Early intervention is the best opportunity to help individuals learn effective coping skills and realize recovery from the signs and symptoms that may interfere with their ability to have meaningful personal relationships, more successful learning in school, and better employment outcomes in life. I would like to facilitate these conversations within schools, families, and communities by providing a framework to open communication. In my book, Can We Talk? Conversations About Mental Health and Behaviors in Schools, I provide this facilitated framework. Written with the educational professional in mind, but in language for parents to understand, this book is a quick and easy read for everyone. I can lead the conversation, provide guidance to have your own discussion, or offer professional development through virtual, online, blended, or live delivery platforms. As you are planning your back-to-school needs, plan to include these conversations.

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