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Be THAT One!

Rick and I were out for an evening walk the other day along a closed golf course cart path. Much of the path was overgrown with brush, tree branches, and weeds. The wind was blowing consistently, and I watched the plants bending with the wind. As we rounded a corner on the path, I saw this single, wild sunflower that was barely moving in the wind. Everything around it was being whipped around by the wind, but the sunflower was gently swaying with the wind gusts, not bending. My mind immediately went to the emotional intelligence skills of grit and resiliency. Even among the weeds and the wind, this sunflower refused to bend to the environment. This sunflower, alone and exposed, continued to thrive and keep a growth mindset. I thought to myself, “I want to be THAT one! I want to be the one that grows, thrives, and shines no matter what my environment or the elements subject me to”.

I love when I can take examples from my life experience and learn or reaffirm my beliefs. This solitary sunflower growing in sandy soil, among the weeds, standing tall in the wind, and only swaying with the flow affirmed my understanding of grit and resiliency. I, too, sometimes feel alone in a harsh environment. It is during these times that I rely on my