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Courage is Love in Action

So, I am watching TV again last night (this is becoming a habit during the pandemic) and on the CBS Weekend News was an interview with Medal of Honor recipient Gary B. Beikirch (“Gary B. Beikirch,” 2020). During this interview, Beikirch assigned a personal definition to courage as, “love in action”. Wow! What a beautiful way to talk about selfless service to others. I have heard people ask why one would take action when faced with personal danger but the usual answer is something like “it was the right thing to do” or “because I could” or some other amazing and personal response. But the real reason why may be so much simpler than that. The why may simply be because they love others – humanity. This ability to love so selflessly comes from a highly developed emotional intelligence skill of empathy. We see this in our armed forces, our first responders, our teachers, and so many more unsung acts of sheer kindness and love.

In our current state of affairs and so much chaos, uncertainty, and national outrage on so many topics, let us take a moment to just breathe and reflect on our own humanity. Let us delve into our own level of empathy and wonder what it is we can do, personally, to put love into action. Many fear changes and fear the unknown – finding and developing empathy skills will take courage. But I have faith in people. I have faith in humanity. I have faith in our nation. I have faith. If you want the courage to put love into action, I can help.

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