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This book was written to serve as a basis to facilitate conversations about mental health and behaviors in schools. Within these pages are information about the current status of mental health in our youth and a brief description of some of the most common, yet severe, emotional dysregulation disorders we see in our schools. Following the brief mental health discussion is my strategy and intervention planning framework for districts and campuses. This book includes an overview of the ways students diagnosed with mental health or behavior disorders are served and taught, as well as a summary of foundational theories to support current trends of integrated learning environments. The final chapter is an outline of solutions that need to be brought to the discussion and addresses education preparation, training and support, student early intervention and in-school support, discipline that works, and safety planning considerations. Though this book provides a crosswalk across district practices and opportunities to reform educational practices through the Every Student Succeeds Act, it is not intended to be an all-inclusive handbook or exhaustive of all resources. Rather, it is an outline to guide the hard conversations that need to happen with a framework to plan new ways of delivering education that is inclusive, meaningful, and effective. The purpose of this book is to talk about it!

Can We Talk? Conversations About Mental Health and Behaviors in Schools

SKU: 9781716776427
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